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Hello from Trish Fairley, Chair of InterPlay Australia - a fantastic start to the year!


Life Practice, Leader Training, Board News, Dates for Leaders Gathering and more...


I hope your lives are full of fun, laughter and deep play with fellow InterPlayers in your communities!

What a fantastic start to the year with Phil Porter, co-founder of InterPlay and Agnotti Cowie the InterPlay Millennial Leader coming for the US to lead our series of SummerPlay Art and Social Change workshops in Byron Bay, Canberra and Adelaide.

All the local coordinators did such a wonderful job that they’ve all signed up to organise the 2018 SummerPlays as well!

Meanwhile the InterPlay Life Practice Program will be held in Canberra this year with Biff Ward and Janet Hartmann leading and Mark Seton and I will be leading the InterPlay Leader Training Program that has attracted 16 participants from the Northern Territory, Queensland, NSW, ACT, New Zealand, Victoria, Tasmania and SA! As some of you know I’m passionate about training so I’m particularly thrilled about this. Plans are also in place for this year’s Leaders Gathering that is being held in southern Queensland on the weekend of September 8th - 10th .

The Board has been busy creating a Skills Bank where a wider network of InterPlay leaders can offer their skills by undertaking specific tasks that assist InterPlay Australia’s work/play. We’re so appreciative of people who have volunteered in this way. Some people have also undertaken a specific role where they work alongside the Board, without being actually on the Board. For example, Jenny Batten from Melbourne is doing a great job as the Leaders Circle Coordinator.

Another Board initiative over the last year has been to develop a clear, transparent policy document about how we reward and recognise the amazing work that InterPlayers in Australia do in both paid and unpaid capacities. Anyone who has worked in a non-government or voluntary community organisation will appreciate the significance of this. Yay!


Sappho Ruth

I was talking with Trish at InterPlay at Sophia the other day, and I’d like to share my inspiration. I have been reading Jean Houston’s book “The Wizard of Us”, and in it she talked about her Program of Social Artistry, and I thought “that would be a good thing to do”. Then I thought “Hang on, I already do that through InterPlay!” Because InterPlay, through art (improvisation), makes social change for a better world, it really is doing what Jean Houston calls Social Artistry. InerPlay is a gift we give ourselves, each other, our communities and the planet. And I’m very inspired by that.

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